Applied Regression Analysis (BUS 41100)

Instructor: Max H. Farrell –
Office hours: By appointment
TA: Omar Ghattas & Sam Higbee – reach both at
TA office hours: By appointment

Course material:

  1. Syllabus
  2. This website: for all slides, homework, and data sets
  3. Piazza for Q+A: your first stop for help
  4. No Canvas site
If you are looking for old course material: 2020 remote version | 2019 10-week version

Before class starts:

  1. Homework Zero – To test your readiness for this course
  2. Take the course selection quiz available here to help you decide between this class and Business Statistics (41000)
  3. Get started on R before class: see Computing below, in particular check out the swirl package.
  4. If you want, download all the course material below in one archive here. This is not updated during the quarter


Any updates/changes will be listed here.


These may be updated as we go along, so always download the latest version




The default computing language for this course is R, is free (as in speech and beer) and available from CRAN. Other languages (e.g. python, MATLAB, STATA, ...) are allowed. Examples in lecture, homework solutions, etc., will be in R.

Get started before class starts!